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The key to glowing skin!

Posted on January 30, 2017 at 8:00 PM
The key to glowing skin! Your skin is the largest, most delicate organ that can glow radiantly when cared for. Our daily beauty regime is essential to aging gracefully, but so easy to overlook in the hectic lives we all lead. Busy with work, kids, husbands, your home, etc. it can be difficult to find time for ourselves or fit in one more routine in our daily schedule. Cleansing and moisturizing does not take long at all and should be done day and night. Once you learn the importance of this routine and start to see the amazing changes in your skin, it wont take long before it becomes second nature! Let's talk about what cleansing and moisturizing can actually do for your skin. Cleansing removes dirt and dead skin cells, which prevent pimples and acne. Not cleansing your face, especially sleeping with make up on can clog pores and oil glands, lead to dryness, redness, inflammation, dark spots, fine lines and brittle eyelashes. None of which I???m sure anyone wants! So if your don't already, start washing your face morning and night. Immediately after drying your skin, apply your moisturizer. Moisturizers help replenish the water lost and repair our skin damaged daily by pollutants, poor diet, cold weather, dehydration and stress. The act of applying your moisturizer alone stimulates circulation of the blood to the body helping to boost collagen levels. The depletion of collagen increases wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. Moisturizer also helps protect from sun exposure. It is just as important to protect your skin from the sun during the winter, as it is during the summer. Moisturizing your skin daily helps stop expression and frown lines from forming, keeps skin supple and protects your youthful appearance and radiance. We also need to be aware of what we're putting on our skin! Most facial cleansers, moisturizers, body lotions, scrubs and make up contain toxins and preservatives that harm our body and age your skin! Once I started to realize the harmful and toxic effects of the ingredients in all the products I used, it really opened my eyes to a whole new world. We can achieve the same effect, if not better from all natural, organic ingredients and essential oils. Which is exactly what I created with my line, Natural Beauty by Jamie. My skin has never looked or felt better and I have peace of mind now knowing exactly what I???m putting on my skin. Another tip is to drink plenty of water! Water helps our body function better in general and actually cleans our pores from the inside out! CRAZY! Once you find a facial cleanser and moisturizer that is a good fit for your skin type, start to use it morning and night. Also, try to increase your daily water intake, the results will amaze you! For anti aging cleansers and moisturizers, I recommend my facial cleanser and either the moisturizer or serum. All of which I custom designed to hydrate and firm your skin. I chose specific essential oils such as rose, lavender, emu oil, carrot seed oil and franincense, each delivering amazing benefits. Some of their effects include, regenerating cells, calming, toning and firming the skin. Sounds pretty wonderful right?! I will also leave you with a DYI honey and avocado face mask that I love! For this recipe you will need: 1 teaspoon of organic honey 1teaspoon of organic avocado 1 teaspoon of coconut oil 1.In a small bowl, put together all the ingredients, honey, avocado and coconut oil. 2.Mix together all the ingredients with the help of a clean spoon. 3.Now wash your face and pat dry and then with the help of your clean fingers, massage the mask into your skin. 4.Do this massaging for around a minute or two. 5.Then allow the face mask to rest for 10 to15 minutes. 6.Now wash your face with warm water. 7.Pat off with tissues. The tissues will help get rid of any excess coconut oil from your skin. 8.Apply this face mask once a week to help your skin stay hydrated. Enjoy and Stay Naturally Beautiful!!!

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